The Unfinished Song

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A dancer and a warrior must fight Death's Curse to save the fae. 

This Young Adult Epic Fantasy series has sold over  70,000 copies and has 1,072 Five Star Ratings on Goodreads.

For a limited time, you can read the entire first trilogy in this twelve book series for free. Three complete books!

The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Peirce

Okay, time to tell you about one of my favorite books of all time. The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Peirce. This story is about a girl named Aeriel. She is the servant of a beautiful, rich maiden, Euduin, who is to be married. But just before the ceremony, Eoduin is kidnapped by the frightful darkangel, with fiercely beating black wings and pale dead skin. Aeriel's masters bla [...]

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Hero and Heroine III

The third installment of Hero & Heroine is out! The magazine features stories in many diverse fiction genres, by authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley, Tracy Falbe, and our very own Tara Maya, as well as many others. Courage & Honor. Romance & Passion. Magic & Science. We’ve included many genres of speculative fiction in Hero & Heroine Magazine. You [...]

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Top Five Favorite Dragon Books

I don't know about the rest of you, but my favorite fantasy creatures throughout my life are—without question—dragons! I know I'm supposed to like mermaids or unicorns more, and I do like them (I certainly love unicorns as much as it is humanly possible to love anything you've never really met) but they cannot compare to dragons. How can they? Dragons can be large or small [...]

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FREE Faerie Tale Books for Everyone!

Great news everybody! Tara and seven other amazing authors have made a special Faerie themed Giveaway on Instafreebie. But they'll only be available till this Friday, so get them fast! Click the links below for your free books~ Mask: The Unfinished Song Book 7 by Tara Maya War of the Fae Book 1 By Elle Casey Faelorehn: The Otherworld Series Book 1 by Jenna Elizabet [...]

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        Surely You're Joking!

Science and comedy collide as physicist and comedian Kevin Peter Hickerson, joined by fellow comedians Owen Benjamin, Jimmy O Yang and Griff Pippin, discuss the absurdities of the universe with intriguing and inspiring guests from the best of the academic and entertainment world.