The Unfinished Song

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A dancer and a warrior must fight Death's Curse to save the fae. 

This Young Adult Epic Fantasy series has sold over  70,000 copies and has 1,072 Five Star Ratings on Goodreads.

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Silver Kiss by A. C. Klause

One of my favorite fantasy creatures as a teenager was vampires—they were cool, had nice clothes, did whatever they wanted, and stayed up as late as they wanted. Okay, so they could only really stay up at night—I was young and silly, and easily pleased, staying up at night was one of the best super powers a character could have in my opinion. In any case, this love of v [...]

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Guest Lara Back Online!

Hey everyone! This is Lara, and I've got to apologize for the long blackout! My computer caught a bug and I've been trying frantically to save files and pin down whatever was causing the problem. Tara, of course, has been busy with her adorable baby and couldn't help me. Hopefully now we'll be back to regular updates! For now, have a preview of a future post~   [...]

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Wizard’s Hall by Jane Yolen

Lara here, and I'd like to share a book many of you have probably never heard of. A boy goes to wizard school where doors change based on the day of the week and portraits talk, he makes some friends, and attends magic classes. Then he finds out there's an evil wizard threatening the school and everyone in it. But he and his friends are able to defeat the evil wizard and sa [...]

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Guest Blogger

Hello all, I am Lara Ellwod, and I'll be contributing to Tara Maya's blog. I'm a floating artist, seeking out pleasant blogs to spread my roots in and flower~ I'll be making posts for all of you Tara Maya fans to enjoy, desperately waiting for her next book to come out! Yeah, I know I won't be as good as that gold tinted, rainbow hued update post letting you know another [...]

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